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I am...

A 25 year old college graduate from the State University of New York at Farmingdale.

The child of divorced parents.

A Science fiction fan. Mostly Star Wars and Stargate.

A bit weird. But most people get used to it once they get to know me.

A chronic procrastinator. There are so many things I put off because of lack of motivation.

A very sarcastic person with a very dry sense of humor.

An independent conservative. I refuse to call myself a Republican because they have gotten to be almost as bad as the Democrats.

I enjoy...

Reading. When I'm not in class, doing homework, working, watching TV or playing computer games you will usually find me reading. It can be a book, a comic book, manga, or a magazine, but it will almost always be science ficion.

Watching TV. There are not many good shows on anymore but I am very devoted to the ones I actually watch. These include Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Heroes, Chuck, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Mythbusters.

Playing Computer Games. Mostly Real Time Strategy. The first games I ever played were Command & Conquer Red Alert, and Warcraft II. I have been hooked on RTS games ever since.

Talking to or hanging out with other geeks. It's very hard to find people in the real world who enjoy the things I do, so when I'm not being anti-social by reading, playing games or watching TV I'm usually hanging out with my friends from Ravenblood Games and the Long Island Role Players group, or from Docking Bay 516, the Long Island based Star Wars club I'm the President of.

I dislike...

Stupid people. This is a catch-all description for any body who pisses me off. I really can't be more descriptive without turning this into a huge rant.

Children. Especially young children who whine and throw temper-tantrums in public. For some odd reason they seem to follow me everywhere I go.

My mother's dogs. There is an old saying that all dogs are cute but your own. I have found out the hard way that this is true. My mother went out and got herself two male Yorkies for God only knows what reason. Guess who has to take care of them. Me. Isn't that an intersting reversal? The son taking care of his parent's pet.

My father. There are not enough foul words in every language on God's great Earth to describe how loathsome and vile this man is.

My grandmother. Oh good God I can barely stand her! She is almost as bad as my father sometimes. What my grandfather ever saw in her I will never know.


My mother. She can be a bit unusual at times. She is one of the few family members I can get along with.

My father. As I mentioned above, I do not get along with him. We haven't spoken in several years.

My younger brother. He can be a bit holier-than-thou, but I couldn't ask for a better friend. He is one of the few people who truly understands me.

My half-sister. From my father's second wife. I feel sorry for the kid. I really do. I hate seeing her life get messed up by that man like mine has been.

My grandmother. Like I already said I can barely put up with her. She has no clue what the word privacy means and is your stereotypical fundamentalist Christian. Every time I'm stupid enough to ask for her advice all she does is quote a passage of the Bible from memory.

My grandfather. Possibly the most stable person in my entire family(my brother is a close second). He always knows what to say and when. He is the only true role model I have. I know I can never be half the man he is, but even if I'm only 1% of the man he is it would still make me a better man than my father.


I don't have that many in real life. But that really doesn't bother me because few that I do have couldn't be better.